advantages of rainwater harvesting essay

but when in scarcity it becomes our most precious resource. Systems for the collection of rainwater are based on simple technology. Areas on the planet that have long faced water shortage were able to combat this problem by harvesting what little rain water they received. Sairi Division of Building Control, Department of Engineering Kajang Municipal Council,43300 Kajang Selangor, Malaysia show more content, in order to avoid the same scenario as water crisis in 19 will not be repeated, a proactive step must be taken to avoid acute water shortage.

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By keeping rainwater from reaching the ground, it is possible to prevent flooding if carried out on a large-enough scale. Rainwater harvesting tanks will take a lot of looking after, and even if this doesnt cost much in terms of money it can become a chore. Rainwater harvesting can be ut austin require sat essay a great way of avoiding rising water costs and utilising the resources we have all around. They can become as breeding grounds for many animals if they are not properly maintained. Other than that, large bowls and tarps can also fulfill the function. However, here in the UK we shouldnt worry too much. Reducing Water Bills: Water collected in the rainwater harvesting system can be put to use for several non-drinking functions as well. Although close to three fourths of our planet is made of water, not all of it is suitable for use.

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