jung the transcendent function essay

the unconscious. Sigmund Freud and his followers, Jungians tend to treat religious beliefs and behaviors in a positive light, while offering psychological referents to traditional religious terms such as " soul " evil " transcendence "the sacred and god ". In 1953, replies are given to questions regarding Freud: 1) the part of Freud's work that Jung accepts; 2) the role of Freud's work and views in the development of Jung's analytical psychology; 3) the role of Freudian sexuality in the etiology of neurosis; 4). Return to the Table of Contents 000187 On the nature of the psyche. However, this suspicion did not lead to the devaluation of the God figure until the modern age, when the dual nature of God and its implication for the mind of man is being seriously analyzed. 000644 Freud and psychoanalysis. As natural or elemental fire, he was considered to be the source of mystical knowledge, a kinsman of the ancient Hermes. The golden flower, the Taoist mandala that expresses the secret of the Tao, is analyzed as a symbol of the beginning of life where everything is as one. The sun and moon appear above the triad as the indispensable parents of the mystic transformation. 000632 Freud and psychoanalysis. New York: William Morrow.

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jung the transcendent function essay

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A discussion of the development of neurosis investigates the etiological significance of unconscious determination, conflicts of the present moment. Ea., Princeton University Press, p (p. It is also pointed out that both sciences have to deal with the methodological problem that is raised when the observing subject has an effect on the observed object. The four principal types of associations are: 1) the objective type, with undisturbed reactions; 2) the complex type, showing many disturbances caused by constellations of complexes; 3) the definition type, found chiefly among stupid people; and 4) the predicate type, which usually betrays a deficiency. The idea of immortality exists worldwide and is therefore real - a characteristic of psychic life. The group as a whole was distinguished by the fact that there were few complex constellations.

The dominance of modern materialism is due in large part to its association with the remarkable theoretical and practical power of classical physics as developed by Newton and his successors. Luna is personified as sister, bride, mother, and spouse. The therapeutic necessity of confronting the patient with his dark side is a continuation of the Christian development of consciousness and leads to phenomena of assimilation similar to those found in Gnosticism, the Kabbala, and Hermetic philosophy. This invasion is seen to result in the fragmentation of Western man's psyche into a hyperdeveloped conscious mind and a suppressed primitive unconscious.