food as cultural capital essay

class and inequality. The accumulation of cultural capital begins at birth in the space of the family. As such, they also tend to signal our economic class. Institutionalized cultural capital helps people raise their social and financial capital. The amount of cultural capital that you possess will determine how successful you will.

Cultural capital is having assets that give us social mobility. The third form is the institutionalized state. But on the way, the rest of the social classes is left behind, automatically giving rise to social inequality. Nelson Mandela's cultural capital assets were primarily institutionalized, having to do with his education, as well as embodied, as he led the nation with the strength of his convictions. This refers to the material objects we own that might relate to our educational pursuits (books and computers jobs (tools and equipment how we dress and accessorize ourselves, the durable goods we fill our houses with (furniture, appliances, decorative items and even the food. Cultural capital exists in three forms.

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