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a rationale to topple the civilian government. For the sake of prosperity and peace, it gives the message of equality, justice, responsibility, proper check and balance and. Both democracy and good governance are interconnected. Good governance is a distinct reality when the process of accountability of the corruption ridden elements is either weak or missing. No rule of law. It is a fact that there are many hurdles in running the country. Institution Supremacy, independent Judiciary, constitutional Supremacy, rule Of Law.

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Rule of law/ effective implementation of law. In addition to this, the rampant corruption is further rotting them. Though good governance has always been a dream for our country yet this dream can be transformed onto reality. Governance is more than mere management. By Dr Quratul Ain Malik (ITG). Good governance has been defined as, Good Governance related to effective management. It negated the image of Pakistan. Now lets have look on the concept of good governance by Islam. It maintains the rule of law in the country. These issues are so interconnected that it is very difficult to eliminate them. Purchasing power is decreasing day by day and people are unable to make their both hands meet. Closed administrative system pacts of good Governance, individual Life, social life.

In the initial years of Pakistan establishment, corrupt politicians usurped the right of innocent people. Time is now ripe to come out of the false and baseless concepts of provincialism, sectarianism and nepotism. Absence of democratic setup gives birth to multitudes of problems. Governance is defined as the manner in which power is exercised in the management of a countrys economic and social resources for development. Good Governance in Pakistan. Agricultural and industrial sectors must be revolutionized to attract investment and boost the economy. Not only government officials but also common citizens are aware of their duties and play their role sincerely. Sincere and dedicated leadership can make this dream come true.