steroids in sports essay

this man went from being a talented prospect, to being a man, not capable of keeping up with other athletes, who he surpassed only years before. First, aerobic capacity performance is a result generated from the effect of steroids that it plays on the bone marrow thus providing more red blood cells that carry more oxygen (VO2 Max) (Yesalis, 42). Farry, Tom.?Juicers: Scare tactics do not work? And last but not least, some steroids last in the body for months, anther steroids for 36 hours, so if athletes who take steroids know the time when to be tested they just stop taking steroids for enough time just to clean their system (Yesalis. Performance and appearanceAfter some doses of steroids a person will witness an increase in appetite, aggression, energy and rapid recovery from workouts. Stroke and heart attack: Steroids abuse has emerged as a possible cause of thrombotic stroke, the kind caused by a blood clot.

First, they are very powerful drugs that affect both mind and body. For females you could get male patterned baldness, smaller breasts, deeper voices, hairy bodies and menstrual irregularities. Placebo effects result from a person? Hormones that are produced by the testes and the adrenal gland in men and ovaries and adrenal gland in women contains certain kind of fat called steroids, natural ones, which means?solid? Psychological effectsMoreover, steroids have psychological effects starting with aggression; many steroid users reported feeling higher levels of aggression behavior. I cant see how it cannot be worse to run a race fairly than cheat and artificially enhance a performance by taking drugs. Future Hall of Famers Mark McGwire, and Barry Bonds are currently being accused, and are having to attend congressional hearings.

InterpretationIn my opinion, I consider that athletes are misusing steroids. Major problem with steroids treatment is that it costs so much of money (Yesalis, 116). The Steroids Game: an expert? These testosterone esters became the major drug for all athletes (Yesalis, 34). Never the less, studies indicated that steroids have biochemical foundation since in addition for the steroids effect on CNS and neuromuscular junction, a huge muscular man acting in an aggressive way will be noticed more than a small man acting aggressively since the larger man. Since the separation did not fully worked out, the proper name of this drug is anabolic-androgenic steroids although it is called anabolic steroids or just steroids (Yesalis, 24). After discovering the tissue-building property so many researches were done to isolate this property from androgenic property, but this was impossible. Mechanism of ActionThere is one clear evidence that during hard training two things happen. "I've caught some boys taking steroids personally, and I think the main reason that it's taken is competition. Finally, body composition; athletes who take steroids associated with training lead to increase in muscle and decrease in fat (Yesalis, 42).

Steroids in sports essay
steroids in sports essay

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