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each of the following halloween thememed writing paper points: Background and rationale for your research question. City's own Honors Program predates the Macaulay initiative;students in the Honors Program have been awarded one of the several endowed scholarships offered by the college. B) Honors Thesis Requirement: Students must complete an Honors Thesis over the course of two semesters. Preparing the Oral Presentation of the Thesis. Women, minorities and immigrant students, who have traditionally been underrepresented in positions of public policy, are encouraged to apply. African-American, Hispanic, Native American (American Indian, Eskimo) and Pacific Islanders are strongly encouraged to apply. What are the requirements to earn honors in philosophy? The Public Service Scholar Program recommends up to twenty-four Hunter College students to careers in public service each year. 3) Biology electives (17 cr). A.0 minimum GPA in Biology courses and.0 overall GPA is required.

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A maximum of 8 of these 30 credits may consist of 400-level courses. The Macaulay Honors College, originally called the cuny Honors College, was founded in 2001 by former Chancellor Matthew Goldstein to attract exceptional students to cuny. These students replace some of the colleges general education requirements with a special honors curriculum under the supervision of the Council on Honors. A thesis proposal must be approved by this committee one semester before graduation and accompanying documentation must be submitted to the.S. The speaking component consists of a 15-30 minute formal oral presentation or a poster presentation at a university-sponsored event or professional conference before the students committee and responses by the student to questions from how to make college paper loinger reddit the committee. This is a description of the combined.S./M.S. Jonathan Levitt -, as of April 2017). Acknowledgmentsbrief statement acknowledging contributions of others (e.g., students mentor, collaborating scientists, other students who worked on the project, funding sources, those providing reagents or other assistance). Participants are selected in the spring for the following academic year.