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and terrorism in asia essay attempting to compartmentalize it in order to make it much more manageable. Besides, exercising also increases blood flow to the brain by improving blood circulation in the body, and that helps in making you sharper and with a clearer vision. You may write down your daily thoughts and activities in a journal. It is a hugely competitive world right now, with the rat race affecting individuals of all ages and in all stations in life.

This refreshes the bodys fight or flight response without prolonging and weakening. Therefore, it is important to make sure that we manage the stress levels in our lives by bringing about small changes in our daily routines. Your thesis, then, should be drawn from what you have written under your three headings. Bad stress can also be termed as distress, and manifests itself in a chronic or ongoing stress that begins to hinder your everyday life and stops you from completing tasks that you need to undertake. Research has also linked bad stress to ailments including depression, heart disease, weight gain and memory loss. Examples of such an obstacle include working hard to meet a deadline for an essay or for a presentation of work, preparing for a test whether it be an exam or a more practical venture like a driving test, or finding the confidence to write.

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