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for more information! Employed when"ng another and being pedantic, usualy (sic). VP6: Infinitives with or without "zu" always come at the end of the clause. I offer, tongue-in-cheek, (sic) to mean Sadly Illiterate Colonials. If the verb is separable or in two parts, make a " zu-sandwich mit zu kommen, Tennis zu spielen. I gather the gist is "I know that is spelt wrong: it's meant to be that way". By the way, "said in context" or "thusly" works for. The best thing is every user can share the final version of screenwriting in many formats, including FDX. David Kimmins, London, to add to further answers it is used as the shortening of "Sic essay on lions stalking zebras Transit Gloriam" meaning (roughly) there but for the grace of God go I, therefore distancing oneself from the mistake and often passing silent comment on the writer of the.

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And a master at having his verbage cleaned up by his his "stupid incoming comments" will not be reflected in the history books! "occupies" position 1 without being stated. SC1 : Use a relative clause,.g.: instead OF: " Kennst du meine Freundin ich immer spreche mit über alles " SAY: " Kennst du meine Freundin, mit der ich immer über alles spreche " SC2 : Use an infinitive clause,.g.: instead. G G ender GEN GEN itive mistakes: This asks you to use the (correct form of the) Genitive. Insert punctuation dm dangling modifier, insert comma frag fragment ; insert semi-colon fs fused or run on sentence : insert colon glos see glossary " insert" marks gr obvious grammatical error ' insert apostrophe lev inappropriate level of usage: too colloquial or too fancy. I guess that it is a bastard version of the phrase 'sic transit gloria mundi meaning 'thus the glory of the world passes away'. We recommend it even are conscise essay better though it is not one of the best writing apps its a listening tool.