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is changed as he lives the remainder of his life in gloom and fear. Register Free Account, studypool, a California Company timer, speed, receive help quickly. Poe lost some of the most important people in a mans life, the women they love. However, unlike those who are for restricting immigrants, they are all for a bilingual nation. With the feeling that his wife as been corrupted by the evil, his faith weakens even more as he sees the mass of people from his town he thought he knew arriving at the ceremony.

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He also was faced with the challenge of losing his wife. Being dragged by the dark figures leading the ceremony, he is united with his wife as she is revealed from underneath the cloak that was one hiding her. Towards the beginning of his travels, he continuously wants to turn around as he says, we have been a race of honest men and good Christians. Poe, who died at an early age of only 40, went through many hardships during his life. They want to promote the national motto of the United States which is E Plurbius Union or out of many, one and it means that any other culture or country that immigrants came from, the.S can transform them into Americans ( Hall). We can edit and customize this essay travelling by boat paper for you. We can assume this comes from the extreme loneliness the narrator feels after his loss.