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and some level of review. According to Polit and Hungler (1999) a cross sectional design involves the collection of data at one point in time. All the questions of the mmse, GDS-15, and the demographic questionnaire were asked orally and the oral answers were written down by the psychologist (Karimia,., 2010). This issue is relevant as it may vary the results of previous studies. This study does provide additional support for the effectiveness of integrative reminiscence therapy as an intervention for depressed older adults living. However one would feel that this introduction deals more with the importance of research rather than explaining that the remainder of the article will focus on the barriers that impede research. Although the introduction/literature review contextualises and introduces this study, this author believes that a more detailed critical analysis of the literature would be warranted here. I have concern with the adaptation of the GDS-15 and mmse to allow for cultural sensitivity and wonder if the censoring of the content and language might have changed the test results. The hypothesis, there is no hypothesis in this paper as this is a qualitative study, and qualitative studies do not use hypotheses these are a characteristic of quantitative studies (Silverman, 2001,. The researchers qualification and credentials in the article are clearly stated and easy to find. The focus of the section on Methods is rather on the instruments that are being used.

Effectiveness of integrative and instrumental reminiscence therapies on depression symptoms reduction in institutionalized older adults: An empirical study. This article is published in a reputable journal, The Journal of Nursing and Health Sciences which addresses issues of interest and concern to nurses internationally, and as such, offers specific insight into HIV/aids and nursing within a global context. Using models or other graphical representations of thematic findings can enhance accessibility. As these are vulnerable adults attending clinics for their chronic condition, not discussion how the data was collected from them is a serious failing and may also constitute an ethical issue. They are all employed in academic settings, and four out of the five are employed within the Chinese/Asian context, while one is employed at an American university. They then show that the issue of professional values in China is something reasonably novel, and therefore, worthy of investigation. This could constitute a limitation of this research, as it is not possible to identify if there was any sampling bias, how participants were recruited, who recruited them, and any ethical issues in relation to participant recruitment (Hek, 2000,.

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