should teachers be armed in schools essay

be combated by rethinking the presence of guns in our society and not making the problem worse by adding more guns and allowing a mentality of using guns to solve problems to exist in school environment. They leave their children at school each day without questioning their safety during school hours. School shootings rarely occur, but when that first shot is fired, there is no turning back. If a student was injured by a gun that was in possession of their teacher, even if it was a complete accident, the entire school board would face lawsuits. Is it easy to make an instantaneous decision whether a particular threat merits pulling a gun? Powerful Essays 1335 words (3.8 pages) - Violence in schools is a problem that Americans have had to face at an ever increasing rate. An amateur carrying gun doesn't know this. Opposing Viewpoints in Context. The morning drive usually ends with a few wise parenting words of encouragement and a shared loving glance before parting ways.

Essay on Should Teachers Carry a Gun to, school?

should teachers be armed in schools essay

My pistol permit allows me to "carry concealed." That's right, I can legally carry a handgun, and you wouldn't even know. I disagree with its position on anything and everything related to "gun control" because the NRA opposes. I am a law-abiding, responsible citizen.

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Oh, and I am also a school principal. The Sandy Hook Elementary School killings certainly took a bigger toll on me and likely most other people, however, because of the age of the victims. tags: Safety Education Essays. All comments are public. Powerful Essays 1229 words (3.5 pages) - Not all of these tools will be equally useful in every context, but we will learn to use them all. An isolated incident, perhaps. If the teacher carries a gun in, what is to stop a student from taking the gun and using it?

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Concern for him, everyone except Josh, who is our class clown.
He made the decision to make a comment to our teacher that any other day would have broken the ice and class would have resumed.
A school in, texas approved a plan that would allow teachers to be armed during school hours.