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school is the best place to learn this. Lets look at an example of a thesis statement: Question: There is a good deal of evidence that increasing car use is contributing to global warming and having other undesirable effects on peoples health and well-being. It tells the examiner that you have understood the question and will lead to a clearer; more coherent essay. All of your thesis statements for this kind of question should start with: This essay agrees that. Difference Between a Thesis Statement and Topic. Here is Lisa Simpson with a summary. The Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) approach is standardised. Thesis statement: Some argue that schools and universities increasing use of computers is a beneficial trend, while others are opposed to this view. This essay will discuss some reasons why this has occurred and examine the consequences of this worrying trend. There are some broad types of essay question that are common to see, but they can all vary slightly. Just a quick note on the word ' outweigh '.

We do this by simply paraphrasing the question; thus stating both sides, and then giving our own opinion. It should be manageable. However, in a five-paragraph essay, the thesis statement is always placed at the end of the introduction, after the background information.

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Example #3: I Have a Dream (by Martin Luther King). Even if you favour both sides of the argument, just state one. Computers are being used more and more in education. View model answer for this essay. Discuss the causes and effects of this disturbing trend. You therefore have two choices. What do you think are the causes of these problems and what measures could be taken to solve them? Thesis statement: The principal problem is students allowing machines to do all the work for them without thinking for themselves and a possible solution is to have stricter supervision from teachers and parents.