essay on green revolution in hindi

growing in the same field with a single cash crop on each field that could be sold around the world. Green Revolution an effort over the last 40 years to improve the amount of food available to harvest from farms around the world. India and the US have recently entered an agreement to conduct Joint agricultural research in biotechnology. The strategy was therefore selective in approach. Many farmers have difficulty in paying for the expensive technologies, especially if they have a bad harvest. Indira Gandhi (1917-1984) and her party the Indian National Congress, a very powerful political force in India. Nevertheless when the British left India four years later in 1947, India continued to be haunted by memories of the Bengal Famine. Known as the Bengal Famine, an estimated four million people died of hunger that year alone in eastern India. The Green Revolution also made it easy for India to settle the loans it had taken from the World Bank, improving Indias credibility to it lenders and other lending agencies. (b) The new technology consisted essentially of a package of inputs and practices i eluding seeds of high-yielding varieties, which responded very favorably to fertilizers, irrigation and pesticides.

Due to the rise in use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers, there was a negative effect on the soil and the land (e.g., land degradation ). But starvation deaths were still being reported in the newspapers. In many cases inequalities between regions and classes that adopted Green Revolution technologies worsened, but in a number of other cases they did not. Analysts note that Indias agricultural production lags behind countries that grow bio-tech crops. More than 70 per cent of the wheat crop area, 35 per cent of the rice crop area, 20 percent of the millet and corn crop area used the HYV seeds. Agricultural input and improved chemical fertilizers were largely cornered by rich landlords. Yield per unit of farmland improved by more than 30 per cent between 19 when the Green Revolution was considered to have delivered its goods. A large number of farmers have yet to adopt the existing yield increasing technologies.

Economic impacts of the Green Revolution. The small farmers have been adversely affected by a growing tendency among the large farmers to reclaim land previously leased out under tenancy agreement, which has been made profitable by higher returns from new technology. Conclusion, the Green Revolution has proved effective as it introduced scientific cultivation which curbed the traditional farming techniques and embraced new scientific ones which have improved productivity. The traditional fertilizers have been replaced with chemicals, and farmers now use the high yielding variety seeds which increase production.

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