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precisely the same rights as other people and no more; that other people owe to us just such. Every age, every epoch, has its poetic aspect, its quintessence, as it were, and happy the people who have a Shakespeare, a Dante, a Milton, a Burns, to gather up and preserve its meaning as a world possession. There are various delightfully "new" educational systems in favour, in all of which a grain of knowledge is presented in a gallon of warm diluent. It is not the best children that answer the examination questions; the general rule is that everybody takes every question. Education is part and parcel of religion and every enthusiastic teacher knows that he is obeying the precept, 'feed my lambs'feed with all those things which are good and wholesome for the spirit of a man; and, before all and including all, with the knowledge. Others required more elaborate preparations, like the sandstone slap that covered your tomb. They are entirely alert and eager to know. And yet this, the chief part of education, is drowned in torrents of talk, in tedious repetition, in objurgation and recrimination, in every sort of way in which the mind may be bored and the affections deadened. In the first of these senses, Goethe was never religious, but the second forms the green reposeful background to a restless and uneasy life and it vol 6 pg 161 is worth while to consider how he arrived at so infinitely desirable a possession.

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use essayed in a sentence

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Open Document, essay printable book reports for kids example, sample SAT, essays. I shall confine myself in this volume to the amplification and illustration of some of the points I have endeavoured to make in this introductory statement. Cryptid, Ghost, Loch Ness Monster 1320 Words 5 Pages Open Document Words Essay Ambiguous Words Essay Question: Southerners maintained that secession was the ultimate expression of democracy, while Lincoln claimed it was rejection of democracy. It is true that, "There lives No faculty within us which the Soul Can spare: and humblest earthly weal demands For dignity not placed beyond her reach Zealous co-operation of all means Given or required to raise us from the mire And liberate our hearts. This particular essay topic presents you with a very broad idea and then asks you to explain your view and back it up with concrete examples. I would like to" a few references whose information seems to fit very well with this essay : We must be effective members of the Joint team.

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