your attention please peter porter essay

improbability of ever finding material to work on or to produce as stimulating as that of Shakespeare. Take down you Plasma flasks and Watch for the cuckoo behind the Perspex panel instils panic and doubt in the readers mind. The poem finishes off with a command and this just reminds you of all the other commands contained during the poem. Length: 982 words (2.8 double-spaced pages rating: Excellent, essay Preview. This just shows how bad this experience must be for the listeners as suicide is an option.

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More, a poem written by Peter Porter is called Your Attention Please. This essay will examine how Peter James creates suspense throughout the novel using various literary techniques. The government has made its attempts at keeping its people safe with the Requirements published in the Civil/Defence Code and through the outlining of the safety precautions, the reader is exposed to a mood of despair and anxiety. Although the city has an impending nuclear rocket strike of/At least one thousand megatons the reader does not get the impression of a rush, or panic but quite the oppositethat of order and controlled defeat, as though the community has known a war was looming. Another meaning of this poem is possibly to prepare you for a nuclear attack and make you think of what you would do in this situation. I felt that this acted as a disguise for the horrifying truth of the events happening. Far other worlds." Malouf uses the continuity of life to highlight the importance of the individuals mind set against the meaning of human existence. The voice had a sense of authority over me, made me feel that I should obey the advice given in commands. This is also typical of a government speech, again wasting time with information you did not really need to know. Phrases like Death is the least we have to fear and A nuclear rocket strike of at least one thousand megatons, certainly got my attention. The use of different poetic techniques, themes and subject matters allows the messages presented to be expressed to an audience and should therefore be included in a Year Nine anthology for 2012. The idea of this happening to you and your family is genuinely chilling.

The three sisters were wearing a pink to reddish cloak, Peter Rabbit a blue jacket with brown shoes, and the mother a blue chambermaid dress. In In the new landscape, the concept of a world dominated by machinery is explored. Every technique, phrase, word and sentence used in this poem add together to create an all together good poem. This is helped by imagery used throughout.