water problems in the world essay

that suffering with water shortage problems like India, Australia, China, Jordan. In a world where only about one percent of the water is safe for human consumption we must find new and sustainable ways to stretch the life of our fresh water. To do otherwise would be nothing less than a crime and history will rightly judge current generations harshly for. This is magnified where water flows across borders - and becomes citations for term papers crucial in regions of religious, territorial or ethnic tension. Nowadays, the world is incurring a serious problem like shortage of water. Words: 490 - Pages: 2).

water problems in the world essay

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Barlow and Clarke state that one cannot simply whisk away the crisis of fresh water we have in the world today (25). Government estimates, cites David Gutierrez, a journalist for Natural News, an online journal (Gutierrez 1). The access to clean water and sanitation issue has a solution that was suggested by Matt Demon in the article Actor Matt Demons clean water Mission, which is water. So the first possible solution is recycling water in order to meet environmental needs, provide an additional source of water and have sustainable development and a viable economy. However, according to Chang (2009 the water which has been recycled is an essential resource of water for non-potable(not for drinking) uses in China and this water can be used for flushing toilets, car washing, agricultural irrigation, fire fighting, landscape irrigation, industrial processes and street. (2010, Unknown water reuse: From tap to Toilet 958 words - 4 pages. 7th World Water Council, 2012. Yes, a world water crisis is coming, and humans are one of the main reasons why. Where such solutions are not easily forthcoming, international mediation and support should be available.

With increasing urbanization and extravagant changes in lifestyle, our use and wasting of water will only increase. While the percentage of water in the world is nearly 70, only.5 is consumable. As Kasperson (1995) states, in the early 1990s as one of the earth's grave areas was, the Aral Sea Basin that was named by The International Geographical Union. A movement to provide such support has been initiated by Secretary of State Madeleine Albright with the establishment of a Global Alliance for Water Security.

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