essay on is competition among student good

competition. So it is not necessary to force kids too hard and too fast to become winners. A student in her early life is taught the value of competition and how getting the top ranks in academics can make or break a career or future prospects. Parents usually place their children in some situations where the ultimate goal is winning-where the winners are considered as heroes and the losers just as losers. The results that are generated as a consequence of competitive procedures are most polished, worthwhile, and forward-looking. In other words, the competition for winning a better position would screen students and classify them in the ranks they deserve.

This is also not appropriate: According to the teacher that was interviewed, "That's why we (teachers) are here as middlemen and guides. According to the teacher that was interviewed, "That's why we (teachers) are here as middlemen and guides. Competition in learning too can lead to acrimony, disharmony, and insecurities.

The best place to start is by introducing entrepreneurship training that includes courses in being absent on a paper due date college basic business education, the history of Western economic progress, recent entrepreneurial achievements in China and East Asia, discussions with successful entrepreneurs from high- and low-income countries, analysis of successful entrepreneurial trajectories. We passively extract the good nectar among these beautiful flowers." We would not put something like this in an academic essay because you are leaving it up to someone to guess what you mean. . But researches show that. Children must have no competition at all, and the term "healthy competition" is actually absurd. Children have an idea that the result is more important than the process they are involved. Since there are no pressures attached, they tend to become lax and may not give their best contribution to the team. It makes things more exciting, reasonable and motivating. Some agree that children who are tutored to co-operate rather than compete morph to more useful adults. He might have better feeling at that time, but he destroyed a social relationship with a person. Dont speak in riddles, explain what your argument is in your own words. So it is not always necessary and appropriate at schools, at plays, and at home.

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