essay on rural upliftment programme in india

in Rural Development and that agricultural advance must in a very great degree depend upon the stability. In this context, the Government of India has sanctioned pilot projects for tribal development in the central agricultural sector. After reading this essay you will learn about:-. However, all the Rural Development Programmes have its own international journal business research papers feature, objectives finance system, implementation and monitoring as well as success and failure. These sectors also adopt traditional methods of production. The noted Western economists like, Kuznets, Gerschenkron, Floud and Mccloskey provide useful insights into the history of economic development of the present day developed countries. The role of Mahatma Gandhi in uplifting the women was certainly commendable. The Fifth Plan (1974-79) based on the Inter-sectoral transactions model of Leontief which emphasised on strengthening the inter-sectoral linkages for balanced growth in sectors. However, steps were taken to strengthen the ongoing community development programme. During the Fifth Plan the major achievement was, conducting of a large number of multi-crop demonstrations to make the farmers aware of the needs for having three cropping patterns. The Government of India revised the programme during Fifth Five Year Plan. The Agencies responsible for the formulation, Implementation and evaluation of the Rural Development Programme is required to maintaining good coordination among them.

The National Institute of Community Development conducted a survey to assess the impact of CDP They concluded that the process of modernisation has reached all strata, and going to do so at a faster pace in future, but this has not resulted in any violent. In education, social reform, protecting their rights, participation in politics and several other affairs, they have marked their distinctions. The Principal Component of CAD Programme during the Eighth Five Year Plan (1992-97) was: (i) Survey Planning and Design (ii) Construction of field channels, drains and land leveling (iii) Rotational water supply (iv) Adaptive Trails (v) Farmers participation (vi) Training (vii) Conjunctive use of surface. It was felt that; this fragmented approach with a multiplicity of schemes was not able to focus on the needs of the rural poor in a coherent manner. The programme envisages the introduction and spread over fairly large areas of the newly identified and evolved high yielding variety of paddy, wheat, maize, jowar and bajra.

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Although some powers are conferred to quantitative research paper the officers to exercise but these are seems to be very limited. And (ii) Protection of tribals against exploitation. Right from the days of Lord Dalhousie who permitted the widows to marry again, efforts were made to improve the condition of the Widows. Indian women, after centuries of subjugation awoke, into a new life. The number of pocket has increased to 37 during Six Plan period. The Implementing Agencies attitude to implement the programme is target oriented. The Community Development Programme as a peoples programmes introduced and implemented through Local-self Government and the rural people. It is observed that 36 per cent of the total outlay of the State during Sixth Plan Period was earmarked for investment as against 23 per cent during fifth plan period. (3) A hierarchy of development centres to bridge the wide gap between rural and urban areas and self- reliance. 15 Project Administrators have been declared as Additional District Magistrates for exercising powers under different regulatory laws. In the Non-Cooperation Movement, the women came forward to take part in picketing. The First Five Year Plan laid down its priorities for tribal development in three broad categories namely education, economic uplift and health, housing and other schemes.

essay on rural upliftment programme in india

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