how to write an essay for nursing application

be followed in all writing. That is writing clear, short simple sentences that convey your argument to the reader without them having to work hard to get. Two words is often enough to make the point. Printed red pen edits: highlight troubled areas of your work to see what needs the most attention. The patient was injected by the nurse is passive.

In my experience with nursing essays, I learned that theres a key that professors are looking for. Think of words like a thick mud you have to walk through, and as the words you use as burdens your reader has to carry. It can make or break the chance that an applicant gets into nursing school. The nurse observed the ward round of the matron is active. A sentence has three main parts - a subject (the person doing the action a verb (the action itself) and an object (the person, group or thing that the action is done to). A nursing school applicant should include the following in the nursing school essay: Things that interest the applicant about the nursing industry. Your methodology and your way of translating information are what going to differentiate your paper from the rest.

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This part of your paper will be a guideline for both you and your reader for the rest of your work. Your paper should become clearer as you progress through your drafts. Keep the paragraphs short so that they are easy to read for the officers. How to Pass Nursing School. A good essay writer knows what to write about. If your nursing admission essay covers a broader subject and you want to showcase your overall insight, examine textbooks as they will give you a more general understanding of your theme. For example: When the nurse did her rounds at 7am every day, she made a note of the patients blood pressures and glucose levels. For those of us who arent naturally gifted writers doing this can be tiring and difficult.