discipline starts at home essay

students fairly? When laws are ignored there can be no civility. Discipline starts AT home, most of us start our live at homes. Put your finger in fire. From the very childhood kids are taught to respect their parents, elders, teachers and an unending list of social obligations. My family has been supportive and a source of love and understanding for my entire life. Acknowledging children for their good behavior small or little show healthy development. In other words, parent plays an important role in influencing the children attitude. We live in a democracy. Are you close to people at your school?

So, why are various methods used and what techniques are deemed appropriate? It is discipline by acceptance, not by imposition. We can see that plants, insects, birds and animals too observe discipline in their lives, only man who has a thinking mind finds it difficult to observe discipline. The home, infect is the first place to teach the value of discipline. We cannot rear up good children, if there is no discipline. Wesley, Valerie Wilson, Tonya Bolden Davis, Andrea. Conclussion This was probably one of the most important parts of disciplinary approach.