essay on globalization in india

1991 to 4th place in 2001. Export and Import, indias Export and Import in the year 2001-02 was to the extent of 32,572 and 38,362 million respectively. It has to adapt, assimilate and contribute. India under trades by 70-80 given its size, proximity to markets and labour cost advantages. This has affected the course fees. Electronic giants like IBM and world leaders in the telecommunication sector like Ericsson, Nokia, Aiwa etc., delivered wide range of quality products at affordable prices and brought a major revolution in Indian electronic industries. Globalization has intensified interdependence and competition between economies in the world market. Over the years there has been a steady liberalization of the current account transactions, more and more sectors opened up for foreign direct investments and portfolio investments facilitating entry of foreign investors in telecom, roads ports, airports, insurance and other major sectors. The pickup in GDP growth has helped improve Indias global position. This has also resulted in the loss of jobs to many poor workers. Consider global trade Indias share of world merchandise exports increased from.5.07 over the past 20 years.

Globalisation in India : In the 1990s due to change in world economic order and due to heavy pressures from rich countries like USA, Japan, European countries dominating the WTO (World Trade Organisation having 135 members, established in 1995) and IMF (International Monetary Fund) and. Indias share of global trade is similar to that of the Philippines an economy 6 times smaller according to IMF estimates. It is interesting to note the remark made last year.

The manufacturing of technology and management of technology are two different significant areas in the country. The growth of Indian economy very much depends upon rural participation in the global race. India has the distinction of being the worlds largest economy in the beginning of the Christian era, as it accounted for about.9 share of world GDP and about.5 of the world population. The first 5 years in globalisation did not yield appreciable results. The price level came down due to cut throat competition and Indian consumers are so far happy. When GDP is calculated on a entrepreneurial intentions phd thesis purchasing power parity basis. The globalisation process, that enables investment of foreign money, may turn out to be a serious debt rap in future as was experienced in Indonesia, Brazil, Korea and some other countries. This is the globalised trade. This goes without saying even as we move into what is called a globalized world which is distinguished from previous eras from by faster travel and communication, greater trade linkages, denting of political and economic sovereignty and greater acceptance of democracy as a way. The rising cost of basic sustenance products like garments, footwear, cereals, edible oils, petrol and kerosene, medicines and health care items, decrease in farm output, decrease in purchasing power of poor are some of the alarming issues that have given rise to serious doubts about.

Growth rates have slowed down since the country has still be able to achieve 5-6 growth rate in three of the last six years. The private sector hospitals like Apollo, Medicare will be only too happy to prepare a bill.5 lakh.10 lakh for heart or Kidney operation. The minimum cost of eatable rice.12 per kg and apples from Australia. Starting 2010 the 8 tariffs will be lowered each year until they are eliminated by 2015.

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