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/ Bimanual Input to Computer Systems Webb, Andrew., Pahud, Michel, Hinckley, Ken Buxton, Bill (2016). Video Fitzmaurice,., Balakrishnan,., Kurtenbach,. Regular Paper Camera Ready and Registration: May 16, 2019. Registration to optics allows free access to all other icete conferences. Horses / Equestrian, iterative UI Design, Usability and User Interface Management Systems. Video Grossman,., Balakrishnan,., Kurtenbach,., Fitzmaurice, G, Khan,. Signal processing, energy and power, practical implementation, software.

Creating an innovation culture: Key challenges and opportunities as Ontario moves ahead into the new millennium. Unlike most prior work in ML robustness, which studies norm-constrained adversaries, we shift our focus to unconstrained adversaries. Canadian Alpine Journal, 90, 164. Azenes 12, Riga, Latvia Visa information Latvia is open European country. Metaphors that keep us on the periphery. Video Balakrishnan,., Fitzmaurice,., Kurtenbach,., Buxton,. Video Brown,., Buxton,. M, March 12th, 2008.

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28 Prioritized Experience Replay Experience replay lets online reinforcement learning agents remember and reuse experiences from the past. Icsoft 2019 and, dATA 2019. Issues and techniques in touch-sensitive tablet input, Computer media and networking short essay Graphics, 19(3 Proceedings of siggraph'85, 215-223. Video Kabbash,., Buxton,. Manual Deskterity : An Exploration of Simultaneous Pen Touch Direct Input. A tool for the rapid evaluation of input devices using Fitts' law models, sigchi Bulletin, 25(3 58-63. Fitzmaurice,.W., Khan,., Buxton,., Kurtenbach,. We offer a variety of items including cable fiber access tools, tool kits, polishing film, cleaning accessories, and replacement peices for previously purchased tool kits. Companion of the CHI '96 Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems. Waltham, MA: Morgan Kaufmann. OptiTip Assemblies: for use in outside plant fiber access networks with FlexNAP and OptiSheath MDU and Fiber Distribution terminals. The prevention of mode errors through sensory feedback.