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Admiralty (HCA Board of Customs (cust) and the records of the Colonial Office (CO) from the governors, clerks. NDO 4 includes registers of compensation paid to slave owners. When pirates sacked Vieste in southern Italy in 1554 they took an estimated 7,000 slaves. 47 However, other communities in West Africa largely resisted the slave trade. While the large profits from the Congo River slave trade only went to a small number of traders, this aspect of the trade provided some benefit to local producers and consumers. Others have challenged this view. 64 In 1814, Swiss explorer Johann Burckhardt wrote of his travels in Egypt and Nubia, where he saw the practice of slave trading: "I frequently witnessed scenes of the most shameless indecency, which the traders, who were the principal actors, only laughed. A full list can be found online at Hansard.

12 13 Local slave trade edit Many nations such as the Ashanti of present-day Ghana and the Yoruba of present-day Nigeria were involved in slave-trading. As with private papers in general, very few survive. "Engaging the Holocaust of Enslavement". 117-44, online. Britain was the most dominant between 16it is estimated that Britain transported.1 million Africans (of whom.7 million arrived) to the British colonies in the Caribbean, North and South America and to other countries. Home Help with your research Research guides Slavery or slave owners, how many are online?

Brazil continued the practice of slavery and was a major source for illegal trade until about 1870 and the abolition of slavery became permanent in 1888 when Princess Isabel of Brazil and Minister Rodrigo Silva (son-in-law of senator Eusebio de Queiroz) banned the practice. 105 Eric Williams has written about the contribution of Africans on the basis of profits from the slave trade and slavery, arguing that the employment of those profits were used to help finance Britains industrialisation. London : Palgrave Macmillan. Some slaves have more wives than their masters. A complete History of Algiers, 1731,. Most governors sent statistical returns and a few sent nominal returns. Slavery itself was not banned until 1848. In many African societies where slavery was prevalent, the enslaved people were not treated as chattel slaves and were given certain rights in a system similar to indentured servitude elsewhere in the world. As the campaigns were organised in different towns and cities across the country, it is well worth searching for sources in local collections. Portugal was the first country in the continent to abolish slavery in metropolitan Portugal and Portuguese India by a bill issued on 12 February 1761, but this did not affect their colonies of Brazil and Portuguese Africa. It gives protection to the slaves and everything necessary for their subsistence- food and clothing.

"The Economic Factors in the History of the Empire". At the peak of the slave trade hundreds of thousands of muskets, vast quantities of cloth, gunpowder, and metals were being shipped to Guinea. 14 Trans-Saharan and Indian Ocean trade edit Main article: Arab slave trade Nineteenth-century engraving of Arab slave-trading caravan transporting African slaves across the Sahara. Thoughts upon the African Slave Trade.